sadee turns two

Today my oldest child turns two!  I've been anxiously awaiting and dreading this day for sometime now.  My goal has been to make her feel extra special and so I started the day early with her.  She wakes when the sun comes up - 6 o'clock everyday.  It's early - too early, but we did it.  Her birthday banner was hung and balloons welcomed her in the hallway.  She was more than thrilled and kicked the balloons around for quite a while.  It was wonderful!  

We then spent the day at the new aquarium, ate dinner with our family, and opened presents.  She was happy and that's all I wanted.  That's all I ever want - for this tiny girl to be happy.  And in all honesty, the only thing I think she wanted to do that we didn't do was blow out a candle and eat a cupcake, but she did that yesterday and will be doing it again on Saturday... so, you know, she'll be fine.

And to my Sadee - I love you!  The last two years have been a whirlwind of change.  You've been happy and flexible in all the right ways.  I'm sure you're going to give us a run for our money this next year as the terrible two's have definitely begun, but we love you just the same.  Thank you for the memories.  I know you won't remember life as a two year old, but I'll always remember today and the young, athletic, smiling, independent toddler you have become.  

Happy Birthday baby! 


  1. I love this sweet tribute to your adorable Sadee. Wow two years use to take forever but these last two have flown

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