tulip festival

We have recently been rediscovering our home.  Have you ever done this?   Lived in a place for so long that you don't realize how many amazing activities are at the tip of your fingers?  Luckily for us we have Thanksgiving Point less than 20 minutes away.  Each year in the gardens, thousands of tulips are planted - hence the Tulip Festival.  For years I've wanted to go, and year after year I don't.  But, with a new baby, warm weather, great friends, and a toddler who desperately needed the outdoors, we discovered how wonderful this festival truly is.

Just looking back at that day makes me want to build a tiny cottage amongst those tulips and stay there forever.  Sadee's favorite part was watching the fish.  There were tons of bright orange, yellow and white fish swarming the dock, which was a sight to be seen.  She was mesmerized.  Cam's favorite part was just going for a very long walk.  Both my babies love the outdoors.  Going on outings has already started this Spring and Summer off right!  Watching this little toddler discover the world has definitely helped us adults in the house rediscover our world - we take each day slower, look a little more closely, and think a little more deeply.

Here's to our new tradition!

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