Life has been very normal around these parts.  Sadee is constantly making us laugh and baby Cam such a cute little munchkie.  Summer is turning out to be a blast - exhausting, but a blast nonetheless.  There have been sprinklers and baseball games and late evening walks, but luckily for us our week is turning out to be much slower than normal and it's a welcome break.  Hope you are all enjoying the warmth and sunshine - it has definitely chased away our "Winter Blues." 

Sadee : What a clown!  She was pretending to eat ice cream.  The face above was accompanied by a "chomp, chomp, chomp." 

Cameron : He turned 10 weeks and while I was diligent in documenting, I was a day early {which is better than late} but had not realized that I was early until after it was posted on Insta.  Mom fail!  Don't let that precious face fool you - he's drolly and slobbery and spits up constantly.  But, we're used to the smell of baby barf by now and we'll roll with it.

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