This is the only blog post I seem to be motivated to stay on top of.  Most days it seems we need a constant "do-over" and we just have to roll with it.  We'd much rather be spending our time outside, which means the house is always a mess, the laundry and dishes are never done, and we eat out more than we eat at home.  But it's all good, just please tell me we aren't the only ones?!

Sadee : We went to see Cinderella {the play} at an outdoor theater and Miss S loved sitting with the "big girls."

Cameron : 11 wks last week - still drooling like a mad man, which led me to fashion dread of him wearing a bib at every second.  It helps with laundry, and let's face it, he looks cute no matter what.

All I can say now is, here's to another week - come and gone!  Phew!

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