This past week has been a busy one.  We spent time with friends and family, went out to eat, participated in end of school activities, had lots of dessert, missed nap times and bed times, and took lots of baths.  All of that adds up to two tired parents, but many good memories!  I thank my lucky stars to spend my days with those that I love.  With the hubs recently graduated and on the job search, the reality of being away from family is a little too close for comfort.  Luckily those 3 faces above will always be mine - and for that I am grateful!

Sadee : Those curls.  That smile.  How are we so lucky?  Every time I say cheese, she smiles.  But since she is asked to say "cheese" many times a day, she doesn't feel it's worth her time to actually look at me.  Oh well!  We'll take what we can get.

Cameron : His little eyes are constantly watching me.  Being his mother is truly wonderful.  He's my buddy, and since I know too well how quickly these days will pass, I'll cherish while I can.

Happy June!  
and Happy Summer!
I have a feeling it'll go by much too quickly.

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