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We've been trying hard to start having family home evening around here.  A year ago, this seemed impossible.  But with our little girl at the ripe old age of two, we want her to start seeing the importance of studying the scriptures, praying, singing hymns, and gathering together as a family each Monday night. Our "activities" are simple.  Usually we sing a hymn, read a couple scriptures, sing a song of Sadee's choice {Popcorn Popping} and end with prayer.  Simple - but still teaching her the basics.

This Monday, the hubs had a great idea to take her to the temple.  She loves the temple and is constantly looking for them.  Right now, everything with a steeple is a temple - church buildings, office buildings, tall buildings.  It's pretty sweet and I figured it was high time she got to see a real temple. She loved it - she stopped to smell the flowers, put her feet in the fountain, found Angel Moroni.  Watching her experience life is enjoyable, but watching her learn about the gospel and recognize spiritual moments is life-changing.  

Here's to many more family date nights!  The hubs struck a home-run with this one - thanks for the idea love!

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