cameron @ three months

Anyone who has grown children will tell you that time flies - and boy are they right.  Three months with this guy and it's been real great.  He's catching onto a lot of things and learns more every day.  Don't worry, I'll be saying that for the next 20+ years of his life - but the little discoveries are remarkable.  

Here is what the last month has held for Cam:
- learned how to hold his head up completed - welcome to the world of the front facing Baby Bjorn.
- laughed for the first time on June 25.  Daddy was blowing air in his face and he thought that was pretty hysterical.  Only happened once and hasn't happened since.
- figuring out how to grab onto toys and hands.
- chews on his fist 90% of the day.
- loves to plank - he forces his little legs against anything and straightens like a board.
- still nursing, but has a bottle every other day {or so} - it gets faster and easier all the time.
- started waking up once at night, around 3:30 am, and beginning to have a regular nap schedule.
- does not enjoy sitting in his carseat - especially when the car is hot {can't blame him}.
- does not mind tummy time, but has figured out how to roll over so it never lasts long.
- wears size 2 diapers and barely fits in 0-3 mth clothing.
- smiles anytime he is smiled at and loves to be spoken to.
- loves when music is playing.  He perks right up when he hears it and grins from ear to ear.

Cameron, having you as my son has been wonderfully different than I expected.  I feel more protective and close to you than I thought was humanly possible!  Your ability to love us all is special and your sweetness is one-of-a-kind.  Stay happy and curious!

We love you tiny.  
As always, love, momma.

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