happy halloween

Happy Halloween from an Angry Bird, a scarecrow and two little "punkins"!  

It was a good one! 

We held onto old traditions, started some new ones and trick-or-treated our hearts out.  To say that we live in an amazing neighborhood would be a total  understatement!  It felt like the first time where I actually held it together and pulled off what I imagined a holiday to be, and that was so good.  We spent the day being relatively lazy, tidying up the house and cooked up our dinner.  We saw our family members and Sadee got to spend time with both of her favorite girl cousins.  We visited both sets of grandparents and took pictures in costumes.  We invited friends over and indulged in some delicious chili and cornbread.  We went trick-or-treating at a decent hour and only missed bedtime by 30 minutes.


Hope you had a happy, safe, spooky Halloween night too!

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