cameron @ seven months

How is it possible that this chunker still seems like my newborn baby... and he's already closer to being a one-year-old than being a newborn.  Gosh, stop growing already!

I'm not sure what happens at 6 months +, but babies sure start learning a whole lot at that point.  This past month, Cam has hit a number of milestones - so, here we go...

- wears size 4 diapers and 6-12 mth clothing.
- sits up completely on his own.
- army crawls through the house.
- enjoys playing with toys, but would rather play with a leaf or remote.
- loves Sadee and laughs at her constantly.
- learned how to pick up small pieces of food and loves to eat Cherrios, Gerber Puffs, and yogurt melts.
- he likes : chicken, garden vegetable, peas, and all fruit {especially apples}.
- drinks 6 oz of formula every 5 hours {or so}.
- seems to have a sensitivity to rice and oat cereal.
- is still working on a good sleeping schedule, but it's getting better.
- enjoys holding hands with momma or daddy and walking around the house.
- broke a tooth {with another one popping in} on Oct 25.
- you are going to be a pumpkin and will celebrate your first Halloween in just a few days.
- loves to talk loudly and squeal.

Happy 7 months, little angel!
Your smile and laugh make everyday bright.
You make all of us laugh on a daily basis.

We love you!

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