cameron @ six months

Phew, six months??  Half a year?  When we look at this boy it seems like he's still a newborn.  In comparison to a two year old, he seems small, but he's not as little as we think.  At 6 months, this boy can do so much!

Here's what that last month has held for Cam:
- is able to roll where he wants to.
- loves to splash in the bathtub.
- enjoys being around kids and his sister.
- has learned to entertain himself for up to an hour.
- still struggles falling asleep and staying asleep.
- half formula-fed, half breastfed.
- no teeth yet.
- has the most beautiful blue eyes.
- weight : 17.5 lbs {54%tile} @ 6 month check-up
- length : 26 in {23%tile} @ 6 month check-up
- likes to eat fruit over veggies.
- he likes : pears, apples, peas, plums, and bananas.
- moving up to 6-12 months clothes, but still in size 3 diapers.
- doesn't spit up nearly as much as he used to {thank heavens!}
- starting to put his knees under him and working towards crawling.
- can partially sit up, until he reaches for something.
- loves to be part of everything - playing, cleaning, reading, singing.
- loves drinking water, especially out of a regular cup.

It's safe to say that you have my whole-heart!  You're patient and kind, yet feisty and determined. Watching you learn new things has been rewarding as your eyes light up when you get your hands on something new to discover.  You love being active and it'll be fun when you learn how to crawl {although you'll give us all a run for our money}.

Thank you for choosing us to be your family.

We love you!
Momma, Daddy, & Sadee

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