this place

Last week we decided to try and enjoy the place in which we live. Lucky for us, we live 5 minutes from a beautiful canyon that we spent approximately 0% of our time in this summer. Sad, I know! We were told we MUST go, so we did. While we didn't make it as far as we hoped, we still got to explore the leaves and drive through the cool mountains.  Sadee is very interested in the changing leaves, which made for fun conversations.

And to make my "document everything" heart swell, I was able to capture incredible pictures from the car.  This one reminds me of my mother-in-law.  I'm not sure what the world looks like through her eyes, but if I could choose one image that might capture her world... this would be it - the road, the leaves, the sky, the mountains, the colors.  The mountains do her heart much good, as they do mine.

Here's to new traditions!

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