happy 2nd birthday, sadee!

Remember how my first-born turned two almost 6 months ago???  Well, I remember, although sometimes I like to pretend that it didn't happen.  You know... mom denial.  Plus, I feel a little guilty for never blogging about it and am sure that I'll be going to "blogger hell" since I forget to document those ever-so-important milestones.  

She's far past being just "2" now, and when asked how old she is, she will respond by saying, "I two an half."  No, not just two!  Although we may have practiced that one out of pure cute-ness.  The week she turned two was a rough one.  She was cutting all 4 molars, plus tantrums and screaming were in full force.  Momma was nervous!  If this was what it meant to be a toddler, phew... I didn't know what to do.  Luckily, we changed a few things, set out our expectations and set up a reward/consequence system that has allowed all of us to enjoy the wonderful age of TWO!

For her party, we went with a POP party.  It included everything she loves - popcorn, popsicles and bubbles.  Instead of regular cake, we had cake pops and naturally, Sadee loved them!  Her and her friends got to play in the sprinklers and with bubbles and get as messy as they wanted with popsicles.  Heaven for a little two year olds!  

Needless to say, this curly haired, dark eyed beauty is one fun gal to have around.  She's curious, happy, thoughtful and hilarious too!  If there was some way to bottle her up, I would do it.  My prayer is that we will always remember what she was like at this age - her chubby cheeks, wild hair, tiny toes, perfect fingers, little teeth, and great big smile.

Happy {belated} second birthday!  Please stay little.

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