cameron @ eight months

It's official... he's not a newborn anymore.  I'm finally coming to terms with this.  As I lifted him out of his crib just an hour ago and snuggled his squishy cheeks and nice round bum, I could feel his weight in my arms.  There was no denying his forceful snuggle and loud distain for bedtime.  Goodness, the years are short!

Here has what the last month has held for our chunk-a-dunk :
- Wearing 6-12 month clothes, and even a few 12-18 month too.
- Learned to pull himself to stand.
- Sleeping well through the night, but still has a terrible napping schedule.
- Still only has 2 teeth, but might be getting in a couple more.
- Wears size 2 shoes.
- Isn't loving baby food, but enjoys regular food.  Tried black beans and loves them.
- LOVES bread and crackers.
- Tries to sneak into sister's room while she's napping.
- Discovered doors - he enjoys closing and opening them... which has led to many smashed fingers.
- Will give kisses when asked {most of the time}.
- Enjoys pulling sister's hair {or anyone's hair for that matter}.
- Loves ice cream and whipped cream {just like momma}.
- Still wearing size 4 diapers.
- Falls down a lot while crawling and attempting to stand.  He has lots of bruises on his head.

Happy 8 months Cam-Bam!  I'm not sure if I can say anything more meaning full except for that we sure love you... lots and lots!  You're such a serious little guy, but you definitely know how to give us all a laugh.

Love you!

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