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Okay, okay... it's been forever!  After a couple of months of enjoying (and surviving) the holiday's, we officially have a scheduled-free Saturday!  That's right folks!  We have absolutely NOTHING on the calendar for tomorrow - and this momma couldn't be more relieved.  Hallelujah!  In hopes of getting back into the game, here's something easy and comical - it's always good to start there.

I've hesitated starting a "Sadee Says" portion on the blog because a great portion of her conversational hilarity comes from the way she says things, not exactly what she says.  Like when she gets tired, she'll say "tie-red."  Lately, she's come up with a few random funnies that keep us laughing long after the event - especially since her vocabulary is really starting to pick up.


We were playing at Nana and Papa's house and Nana noticed that the outside garbage was smelly.  As Sadee rode her bike by the garbage, she announces, "Stinky Can!"

We told Sadee that we would go get snow cones after we ran errands.  As we were driving into the Target parking lots, she yells from the backseat, "'Nuff Shopping!" (aka enough shopping)

On our way to Idaho, we stopped to get Wendy's.  Before eating, Sadee fell asleep but as soon as she woke up, she looked at me and said, "I want my hang-a-bur (hamburger)."

"I smell some-ping."

"Bye duckie.  Oh!  Duckie sad.  He crying."

"Where's Cam Bam?!  I WANNA KISS 'EM!"

Sadee was playing dress up and I told her she looked cute.  She looked straight at me and said, "Don't say dat to me."

While watching Beauty and The Beast - "Her dress is falling down.  She need to pull it up!"

"The leaves are colors.  You know that dad?"

After I washed and put away her pajama's, she opened the drawers and said, "They're back!"

"When I get borned, in mommy's tummy and I came out and said, 'Hello! How you guys?'"

After spending the day with Nana, I asked her what she got to do.  She said, "Oh... lots of somethings!"

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