I am beyond behind on these weekly pictures!  This is from about a month ago and is the second to last weekly picture we've done.  It's hard to believe this kiddo will be ONE in about 6 weeks.  He still seems so small although his feist and willingness to learn makes up for every bit of that.  His eyes are still blue, his cheeks still rosy, and his hair is growing in curly.  My favorite part about him, right now, is his 4-tooth grin.  He doesn't just smile - he gives you a nice cheesy, toothy grin.  We've attempted to capture this goodness many of times, but he's just too fast.

Keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to catch you all up soon!  Wish me luck!

In the meantime, just enjoy that sweet little somber face.  It lasted about as long as it took to click the shutter release on the camera, and off he went to chew or destroy something.  Consider yourself lucky you get to view those eyes and perfect lips in their perfect stillness.  

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