celebrate! cam's first birthday

It's hard to pass up an opportunity to throw a party and a first birthday is the perfect reason to celebrate.  We gathered all our favorite people, served some seriously delicious grub and topped it all off with homemade apple pie, including a mini one just for the birthday boy.  He got a big pile of gifts that we opened today, but he mostly played with the tissue paper from each package.  You know, typical one-year-old thing to do.

The last couple of days I've definitely seen this "big boy" side of Cameron that I've never noticed before.  He ran after a little fire-truck he received as a gift and he giggled really hard while watching the lawn sprinklers and I just thought, "Wow!  He's not a baby anymore."  Alright, I totally know this happens to every mother with each of their children, but it's still comes as a shocking realization every time.

Here's to a first birthday celebration!
And growing babies!

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