cameron @ eleven months

These last few months have been an absolute blur, but if I'm being totally honest, Cameron's whole life has been a blur for us.  He has added a real punch and fire to our family that has been wild.  Oh how we love him!  This last month has been particularly fun because with all the commotion, he has pulled out a some tender moments.  A few snuggles here, a newly discovered version of a kiss there and a simple flashing smile from across the room is enough to make anyone melt into a puddle.  While I wish I could rewind and learn to enjoy every single moment, I'm greatly looking forward to the next year of his life.  Him and his sister will be such buddies.  When Sadee was a baby, I remember wondering if I could possibly love her more than her newborn self.  Every day I loved her more.  It's been the same way with Cameron, except I knew I could love him more and basked in every time I felt the increase in love.  As he approaches age ONE, I'm just thrilled for this little person who is continually surprising me and challenging me and loving me unconditionally.

As for Cam's 11 month of life, here is what it was like:
- Still only has 6 teeth {four on top, two on bottom}.
- Discovered the joy of throwing things away... toys, shoes, plates.
- Says "hi"
- Pretends to talk on the phone by putting any object up to his ear.
- Can't eat eggs or milk because he gets sick.
- Loves to eat all types of fruit and vegetables, especially berries.
- Moved up to size 12-18 month clothing and wears size 3 shoes.
- Can say "momma", "dada", and "baba".  He can also says versions of "cheese", "crackers",  and "Sadee". 
- Loves, loves, loves to take baths.
- Falls down constantly... hence the bruises you can see in the picture above.  
- Can knock on the wall or a door with his tiny fist.
- Learned how to dance {or bounce} to music.
- Obsessed with electronics, specifically phones, my camera, and video game controllers.
- Will only sleep at home, although is learning to sleep at Grandma's house.
- Enjoys driving toy cars around on the floor.
- Found a pen and drew all over his arms and legs.
- Enjoys being outside and always tries to run as far away from mom and dad as possible.

Happy 11 months! 

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