happy 1st birthday, cameron!

It's official.  I'm speechless.  How is it possible that this day comes?  My baby boy is one!  ONE YEAR OLD!  I remember staring at his face after he was born and not being able to take my eyes off him.  It was terrifyingly wonderful... and then Sadee came to meet him and  I'm pretty sure my heart could have burst.  They have been two peas-in-a-pod ever since.  He slid right into our family like he was there all along.

Cameron and I took a little extra time to get to know each other in this life.  He's stubborn and determined and feisty.  He sees fun and adventure all around him.  He is never afraid to try new things.  People have commented on some of my social media posts saying what a fun mom I am, but the truth is, it's all him.  He's curious, inquisitive and happy.  I can honestly tell you it is not something we taught him, it's how he came... it's who he is.  I've especially loved the last few months as he is learning to show affection.  Cam snuggles, kisses, hugs and gives the occasional high-five.  Just today he was trying out a new activity with Sadee.  On occasion, he would run over to me and rest his body on my arm.  He'd tilt his head toward me, grin and run off.  I love that.  I love that he loves me.  I love that he needs me.  I love that he leans on my leg or arm or tummy just to rest and hang out.  I love that he lets me hold him without fighting to get down.

And so, my Cameron James.  Today marks your first year on this Earth!  I was unprepared for your bravery and courage to accomplish what you set your mind to.  Please keep that spirit of determination.  I have no doubt that your ability to laugh and explore will guide you to great things!  Thank you for your patience with me as I have learned how to mother you properly... and your continuing patience as I learn more everyday.  Thank you for diving right into being Sadee's best friend, she needed you, you know?!  Thank you for being daddy's right-hand man, especially in basketball and video games.  I know the two will be very special to each other.

We love you Cam Bam!!  Happiest of birthday to you!


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