cameron @ ten months

Hey, so remember how our little Cam Bam turned 11 months two days ago?  Well, he did and we haven't even filled in his tenth month of life.  By 10 months, Cam really grew from this seemingly tiny babe to a full-on walking tiny boy.  It's crazy!

Here's what Cam's tenth month of life was like:
- Had two teeth pop through on the top.
- Learned to crawl in super-speed!
- Likes to take things away from sister.
- Learned to drive cars around on the floor.
- Loves to play with the toy kitchen and bang the pots & pans together.
- Enjoys looking at books.
- Mastered walking!
- Tries to run, but can't quit keep up with himself and always falls.
- Looks forward to his morning nap.
- Attended your first BYU tennis match.
- Learned to crawl up the stairs.
- Enjoys eating meals at the table with sister - especially fruit!
- Favorite foods: crackers, strawberries, bananas, hot dogs & oranges.

Oh little boy, how you have changed!  You are wise and thoughtful about everything you see and do.  You learn quickly and try to do everything on your own, which makes all of us very proud.  You have become a champion walker and literally would be running everywhere by now if your legs could keep up with you.  Everyday you astound me by your ability to be flexible and happy regardless of what is going on.   Love you forever!

As always,
Love Momma & Daddy

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