we're still alive

In case anyone is still out there... I thought I'd let you know we are still alive over here.  We purchased a house back in March, so we've been in over our heads with painting, flooring, sanding and spending a lot of money.  And when I say "we", mostly I mean my husband and his dad and brother.  Bless them!  We are one week into this "remodeling" thing and they have worked incredibly hard, all while I stayed home with our babes and basically bossed them around with my endless amounts of requests for this little home.  

With that in the works, everything else in life is behind and I'm pretty sure we'll never catch up.  But, we have a home and a yard and... dare I say it... a dishwasher, bathtub and yard that we can call ours!  Hallelujah!

I promise I'll be back here soon... playing catch up to about 8 million things - we're talking clear back to Cameron's birth story that I promised myself I'd post on his one year birthday and baby showers and baptisms and all other family events that have kept us beyond busy.

Oh, and also, ignore the fact that I started redesigning my blog about a months ago and then ran out of time to even think about thinking about it... so it's unfinished once again and probably won't be completely done for another couple of months. 

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