may in review

It's not in the norm for me to do monthly recaps.  Typically it's far too much information for one to handle and a large amount of pictures that take up far too much Google storage.  The truth is, I'm so far behind to feel like I can pick up from anywhere - so, recap it is.  Bear with me... or skip it entirely.  Your choice.

May is a big birthday month for our family.  We started out with my little sister turing 8 and being baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I was given the assignment of playing the piano and giving a talk on the Holy Ghost.  We were 10 minutes late... #facepalm.  All ended well and we gorged ourselves on food, as always. In the middle of the month, Sadee turned 3. We opted to only have birthday parties on even birthdays (instead of every year) to avoid going bankrupt on "Pinterest" parties that I can't help myself from throwing.  She had specific requests for cake and the color of the candles, which we easily pulled off.  Three-year-olds are easily impressed! At the end of the month, I turned 25.  The day was beyond perfect and could have lived that day a million times over.  We spent the whole day outside in the garden, I wore a new dress, ate at my favorite restaurant and stuffed myself with my favorite ice cream.  Pretty sure I'll choose the exact same things next year.  I like plans and predictability, it's kind of my thing.

On top of that, we celebrated my sister-in-law graduating from Nursing School and celebrated by eating at a fabulous Mexican restaurant, we (meaning my husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law) painted the heck out of our new house, cut my hair, played in the rain and mud, celebrated Mother's Day, ate lollipops, played in the warm sun, graduated from Joy School, went to swimming lessons, attended the Payson Temple Open House, prepared for Girls Camp, bought furniture, welcomed a new baby into the family (our niece) and pulled weeds.  I'm telling you, it was busy, busy, busy!

Looking back on that month, I can feel immense gratitude for the flexibility and patience of both my husband and my children.  We were pushed harder than we thought possible and came out stronger because of it.  It's true when the scriptures tell us that we must taste the bitter to enjoy the sweet and feel sorrow to appreciate the joy.  Earlier this week AJ and I FINALLY sat down and watched a movie after the kiddos went to sleep.  It was such an enjoyable privilege that I forgot how to enjoy. We even went out to an outdoor play the next night.  It was nice to feel normalcy in our lives once again and to soak in a little bit of husband/wife time.

Life sure has a funny way of working itself out.

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