independence day

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays.  What's not to love?  BBQ's, dressing up in red, white & blue, fireworks, warm summer nights -- It's wonderful!  This year was a bit more unique since we had a family reunion on the 3rd and 4th.  Most everyone had a long weekend, so it was the perfect time to gather everyone.

Friday, July 3 we started off our celebrating at Kowabunga Bay.  We had never been which made me a little worried.  You know... crowded pools, long lines.  After being there for 2 seconds, there was nothing to worry about.  Not only did hubs and I have a great time, so did our kids... for 4 WHOLE HOURS!!!!  We even had a chance to go down the bigger water slides since the lines weren't overly long.  That evening we had a potluck dinner with all of our family and the food was divine.  It's easy to forget how fun family can be when you don't see them often.

Saturday, July 4 we started by having a BBQ (again, with all the family).  Kids played on the park, adults chatted and everyone sweat a little too.  My aunt had a reptile guy come (do they have an official title?) who did a little show for the kids -- snakes, lizards, turtles galore!  Pretty sure that all of my peeps loved them, but I was happy standing as far away as possible.  Ewww.  We finished up by playing carnival games and choosing prizes.  My kids were left on a mega sugar buzz after gorging on snow cones and cotton candy, but we headed home happy and ready for naps.  Later that evening we joined in our annual Driveway of Fire with our closest friends and neighbors (and about 8 million other friends and neighbors of those people).  We piled on my Playground mat eating Taco Bell and spent the night watching huge fireworks and being showered by ash.  Cameron got to go home early with dad.  He wasn't so sure about all the noise.

I know there are many problems in the United States that make people feel less than proud to be an American.  The Fourth of July brings back some sense of unity, and I appreciate that.  Living in America truly is a blessing.  As my children grow, I hope to develop strong family traditions that allow them to feel the excitement and importance of each holiday.  Even if those traditions create simple memories like being covered in sticky watermelon juice or feeling the cold grass as they watch the sky come to life or falling asleep on the floor from running around all day.

Here's to next year -- traditions, memories and happiness!

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