It's official, we have a preschooler in da house! She tells me constantly, "I big mom!" Yeah, yeah... I know. You're big. I'm still going to do your hair for a few more years, sorry kiddo. I'm not ready to release that much control.  Sheesh, threenagers are a real thing peeps - sassy, independent, strong-willed. 

We've been trying to see what she's been enjoying about school. I even encouraged her to find one new friend and remember their name so she could tell us at home. So far, her answer to, "What did you do at school today?" was, "I'm not allowed to tell you." Ha! Okay.... She's all about the drama (as you can see).  

My heart was pounding as I dropped her off that first day. She hopped out of the car like it was her job and pranced inside like a pro. I'll forever admire her adventurous spirit, bravery and ability to make friends anywhere she goes. When one of the preschool assistants came to get her out of the car, Cam started crying because he thought they were taking him out of the car. Thankfully, he was the only one that cried. Kindergarten might be a different story.

Happy first day of school to all (and to all a good night)!

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