summerfest carnival & parade

One of my favorite activities during the summer is the Summerfest. It's a big carnival our city has each June, complete with funnel cakes, corn dogs and a ferris wheel. Every year it's fun to watch Sadee get so excited. This year she kept asking, "Are we going to the printstable??" Printstable is the word she uses when she can't remember another work, like carnival. Her favorite ride is always the mini roller coaster. Daredevil... sheesh! The boats and motorcycle rides are always a hit too.  Plus, riding all of that with cousins, it doesn't get better!

This year we skipped the overpriced carnival food (except the Texas Twister drink) and that ended up being a great decision -- no lines, less expensive, more choices. 

The Summerfest parade is held that Saturday. Since we live close to the parade route, we always walk to meet up at our spot with friends and family. 90% of the kids keep their ears covered with their hands the whole time, which is hysterical. The candy has also been getting better for the past couple years. When did parades stop throwing candy? Sure, I get that it can be liability... but, parades have thrown candy since the beginning of time, it should be expected by now.  Needless to say, all the kids walked away with a hefty stash of sweets.  After that, the little babe went home with daddy for bed while Sadee and I went with friends to eat ice cream and watch the fireworks.  Sadee was elated by the whole experience and fell asleep in .2 seconds when we arrived home.

Again, why does summer ever have to end?

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