breakfast at our house

Morning is not my best time of day. I like to sleep, what can I say?  Breakfast at our house is nothing fancy. When we lived in our basement apartment, our grandparents (who lived upstairs) would cook full breakfast - french toast, eggs, juice - at least 3 times a week. Sadee was always invited upstairs and it was something she looked forward to everyday.

Now that it's just our little family in the morning, it's rarely a "hot" breakfast... maybe some toast. Typically it's yogurt with chocolate chips and granola. Yep, chocolate chips in yogurt. It's delish! Cam loves yogurt too, although he insists on eating it himself. As you can see, it's quite the mess. Mostly I'm grateful he eats because he doesn't eat a lot... but, yogurt he eats. 

Just look at that sweet smile.

Also, in keeping life transparent, breakfast is normally a fairly miserable experience.  Cam usually throws everything on the floor, S spills everywhere and I'm normally pretty grumpy to have been woken up by the demanding 3-year-old saying, "Mom!  I want beh-fast!"  This was one morning where everyone slept in and ate "beh-fast" together. Good thing these sweet faces are worth the effort.

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