see ya, summer!

Is anyone else feeling like summer should never end? I would do well living in California with perfect 75-80 degree whether year-round with access to pools and the ocean and beaches. I'll do my best to pretend like I'm loving the leaves changing, hot chocolate and cooler air - the reality is that I'll be dreaming of the pool, splash pads and snow cones.  

Labor Day treated us well. We traveled to St. George with our families. We tried a few new restaurants that did not disappoint, did a little shopping, went swimming and had a delicious BBQ. After eating out soooo much, we were ready to get home and crack down on eating healthy. Although, why does Swig have the best dirty Dr. Pepper's in the universe?! Sadee's school is right next to a Swig and it's all I can do to NOT stop there twice a week.  Bless my heart....

Over the weekend (and the last 2 weeks...) we had to turn off our cellular data. Oops! Last time we went to St. George I let S watch cartoons on my phone. Word from the wise (or not so wise), don't let your kids watch cartoons on your phone without internet. It's bad news, peeps! Anyway, my point was that we have been a little unplugged for the last couple weeks. It was different to be on vacation and not be able to post about what we were doing or the funny things that happened and it was kind of okay.  

I'm learning that documenting everything is mostly exhausting. My kids are still cute if I don't share all the hilarious things they do. My husband is still the best father and husband for our family. I still put make-up on and wear dresses. Life happens, and I'm trying to find the balance between enjoying life and sharing it with others.  So... I have 1 or 2 pictures from Labor Day 2015 and that's okay because we had a good time.  Long weekends are never quite long enough!

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