cameron @ 18 months

Cam turned 18 months old this week and we've loved his little comedic personality bursting out of him. He's silly in many ways and sweet in more ways. I appreciate his unique spirit and all that makes him his own person. We've been amazed at how much he has learned in the last couple months.

Here's what 18 months looks like for C:
- Loves trains and trucks and says "choo-choo".
- Wears size 4 diapers and 12-18 mth clothes (sometimes 18-24 mth).
- Dislikes having his diaper changed and throws a mean tantrum the whole time.
- Thinks Mickey Mouse is hysterical.
- Tries to pray with Sadee and says "Amen".
- Is a little obsessed with his bottle.
- Can drink milk now (instead of soymilk) Hallelujah!
- Can say mama, dada, nana, papa, grandma (mand-ma), grandpa (bum-pa), Sadee (say-ee), baba, more (mo), no, ball, truck (uck), wow, water (wa-er), cheese, crackers, shoes, socks, go, bread, amen, basketball (baa-ball), football (buh-ball)
- He smiles all the time and the best part is it's a big teethy grin.
- Enjoys looking at books and having Sadee pretend to be the teacher and read to him.
- Is very ticklish.
- Likes all kinds of food, but is particular about what he'll eat and when.
- His favorite foods are hot dogs, cheese, fruit and chocolate.
- Loves to snuggle, especially with blankets.
- LOVES basketball and football! He will sit through a whole game. Basketball is his favorite.
- Can tell you what a lion, monkey, dog, monster and bird says.

We love what Cam brings to our family. He makes us laugh constantly and loves a good cuddle. People tell us how much he looks like AJ (which is true), but he acts so much like me. He's stubborn and determined and loves chocolate. It's true when they tell you that every child comes with their own unique personality. I'm anxious to see where his life will take him and how he will grow. Please be my best buddy forever!

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