Seen this hashtag? #ldsconf

Join us, and million others around the world, for LDS General Conference - Saturday, October 3 and Sunday October 4.  You can watch online HERE.

General Conference is something we look forward to every 6 months. I feel like I learn a lot, mostly because I come prepared to learn (unlike church when wrangling little ones). I will always have a firm testimony and belief in a living prophet on earth. It provides great comfort in troubling times when raising a righteous family is harder than ever. We try and fail daily in our efforts, but listening to the living prophet and his apostles brings hope and encouragement.

I love President Thomas S. Monson. I hope that you will find words of love and be reminded of our Father's love for you personally. That is something that I personally look forward to being reminded of because heaven knows I need it.

Happy general conference-ing!

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