our (tiny) clean eating goal

It wasn't too long ago that I started to think about food differently. It all started after watching the movie Fed Up. I'm a sugar lover through-and-through, but the movie made it feel as though my diet was being controlled by someone else -- aka the government. That made me skin crawl. To top it off, there were/are a million articles comparing drugs to sugar and I knew that I had passed the mark of how much sugar was too much sugar to consume. And then of course there was a story on one of those documentary shows were a lady only ate candy and they explained how sick she was and all I thought was, "Great, that's going to be me!" You know... being overly dramatic per usual.

It was time for a change. The tricky part was where to start.

After watching Fed Up, I came across the Facebook page of 100 Days of Real Food. Everything Lisa posted on social media was gold and I learned so much in just a few posts. My friend end up having the 100 Days of Real Food Recipe Book that she gracefully let me borrow. We cooked up a handful of recipes and loved them all - even the real food (aka no added white sugar) desserts. Her book made me feel like it was possible to actually change our families eating habits and still enjoy food while trying to avoid processed food. We continued using this cookbook for a few weeks and we consistently felt better and more fulfilled by our food.

Que -- the month of September. We ate out almost every day during September. It was a rough month, on our bodies and our budget. 

If we weren't motivated before, we definitely were now. Again, where to start? I had become so tired of meal planning, budgeting, finding new recipes and cooking food daily that I honestly didn't know how it would be possible to feed my family good food on a regular basis. Even grocery shopping sounded terrible. Once again, Lisa from 100 Days of Real Food posted about emeals.com. I was skeptical because I thought it was another one of those food delivery sites (like Blue Apron) and I wasn't interested in that. The grocery shopping and cooking are bearable if someone could just tell me what to buy and make everyday. Emeals was a perfect solution and in my price range (unlike Blue Apron). We decided to test it out, especially since they had a Clean Eating option where all the meals each week would be "clean". Our family enjoys trying new food, so this was really fun and I was thrilled to save tons of time and stress on planning dinner. 

After 3 weeks, we are still very excited about this tiny discovery and have felt such a relief from meal planning. I've been especially excited because we've been able to eat clean food while not having to hunt through Pinterest for hours.

Here's to awesome websites and learning new things!

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