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Age 3 is the most funny, entertaining and challenging age. The constant questions and random thoughts that come from this child are exhausting, but alway hilarious. If only I could read her mind and know what she's thinking when words spill out of her mouth.  She says funny things so often that we can hardly remember them from minute-to-minute.  Here are just a few of her silly thoughts that we've remembered to write down.  Happy Monday!

"That's my jam!"

Early one morning I was resetting our internet router so Sadee could watch cartoons.  She was sitting next to me in our silent house as we waited.  She scoots up to me and whisper yells in my ear, "Buttcheeks!"

"Where's me going?"

Every night before we leave her room, she asks, "Where we going tomorrow?"

"That's aaalooooootttttt of poop!"

Anytime either one of us (mom or dad) leaves she asks, "Is me come with you?"

While playing with her Elsa Barbie, she comes over with her the doll under her shirt and says, "Look, I'm feeding my doll." (That's just what you get when there are new babies in the family).

"There's one big poop and 20 little poops." (We've all been there)

After climbing up into bed with mom, she says, "I basically know how to get on the bed."  Um, yeah... I'd say you do.

"I perfectly know how to do this."

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