a day at the zoo (about 4 months ago)

Why is it that iPhones become a black hole for all photos ever taken?! It feels almost impossible to keep up with the millions of pictures we take and remembering to sort and organize them. Recently, I sat down to begin this process. Thankfully, it wasn't so terrible and it gave me a chance to save our favorites. My favorites that had been lost in the mega black hole of Kelsey's iPhone were these pictures we took at the zoo this summer. Once again, we went with our good friends (because it wouldn't be a real adventure without them). The weather was perfect, the crowds weren't bad, our friend had just passed a big test, the kids stayed happy due to lots of snack breaks and we finished by sharing our favorite Asian food restaurant with them. It was a day for the books!

It's the best being reminded of nearly perfect days! My favorite memory of this day was seeing Sadee and her best buddy hold hands in their matching tiger dresses. They love to be "same-same"! Also, can we talk about how Thanksgiving is this week (aka it's November) and I'm still dreaming over the warm summer days. Good thing this winter has been speeding by in record time. Does it feel that way for you too??

Here's to sorting iPhone pictures and reminiscing good, good day!

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