a day in the life of us

The other day we woke up and had a slow morning together - just the kiddos and me. Everyone was calm and happy, which is the morning any mom would dream of. The camera was sitting on the sofa and it became the perfect moment to capture our very normal life. Sometimes it's hard to remember that most people live very normal lives - packed full of overly busy stressed times mixed with terribly boring moments too. Especially with social media.

Our life is sooooo normal. Most mornings revolve around wondering why my daughter doesn't have clothes on, or my son yelling in gibberish that he wants to brush his teeth, or me telling everyone to just let me have 5 more minutes doing this or that. But, lots of morning these little kiddos also play quietly with one another, using their imagination and staring out the window. Sadee especially "loves" it when birds run into our window... not that it's ever remotely clean, but those dumb birds run into it at least 2 times a week. Have I told you about the bird that she named Lehi? It's not a story other than she named a bird Lehi, which was funny since she asked me to read from the Book of Mormon that morning, which had never happened before. How is it that kids retain everything, except things like brush your teeth every morning and night or put your clothes in the hamper (not the floor).  Good thing they are cute!

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