a pumpkin patch

I'm in utter shock that it's November! Utah has treated us with warm weather most days through October, which has been a blessing. While I'm still (STILL!) dreaming of summer, it worked out to celebrate autumn and Halloween all last week. We started off by heading out to a small pumpkin patch. Sometimes it's the small, family owned places that are the BEST.  There were animals, a tower of pumpkins, two slides surrounded by hay and a giant corn kernel pit. 

We want with our good friends and our hands were full with 4 kiddos running around, but the corn kernel pit kept everyone entertained enough to snag a few photos. The girls made corn angels and the boys made piles on their legs. We always feel lucky to have such a fun crew to adventure with! And even if us momma's are almost losing our minds while these cute trouble-makers run away constantly, at least we get to lose our minds together.

Happy November!

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