happiest friday to you!

It's the weekend, holla! And I'm excited... for no reason in particular, except it's the weekend. Plus, it always provides a good reason to say "holla" and I like to pretend like I'm hip and cool, even though using that word proves that I am, in fact, not. That, and my brother's friend had to show me how to use bluetooth the other day, and he's 11. It came in handy when my friend bought me a bluetooth selfie stick. The selfie stick provides much evidence for my lack of selfie skills (as you can see above). #fail

Basically I've reached an age where I use words that are out of date, kids have to teach me how to use electronics and I own a selfie stick.... however, I'm still lovin' up on the weekends because they'll never get old.

Might I point out that I'm still young, but kids (like my daughter and brother) think I'm sooooo old. No matter how old I get, I'll never feel mature enough to be considered an adult because I'll always love Cap'n Crunch like a 13-year-old, watch cartoons on Saturday morning and put off doing dishes a long as physically possible.

Happiest Friday, peeps!  Hope it's a good weekend for ya!

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