happy thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! We had such a nice, quiet Thanksgiving here at our house. It was even more special since it was our first Thanksgiving in our new home and we were able to cook dinner here. Our little house is one thing I feel tremendously grateful for. The family that lived here before had lived here for 54 years and created all of their family memories under this roof. We have started out with our small family just as they did years ago and are creating our own family memories. I will be forever grateful for the original owners (even though I didn't know them) and their family. 

This morning, we (meaning mostly my husband) spent our time prepping a whole chicken, making homemade stuffing, trying out a roll recipe and tidying up. Sadee was so excited about everything and Cam wore his PJ's all day. Have you seen the Carter's fleece PJ's they have in stock at Costco? Undeniably cozy and adorable!! We will be venturing out tomorrow to pick up a few more.

The greatest accomplishment of the day was successfully making my grandmothers homemade stuffing. She doesn't have a recipe, she just whips it up. My mom wrote down the ingredients (no measurements) a couple years ago. So, with a small list of ingredients, a few guidelines over the phone, I made homemade stuffing! We also succeeded in making homemade rolls for the first time... how have I never made homemade rolls?? And, my husband made the most delicious and juicy roast chicken. It was cooked to PERFECTION (Mom, we didn't even undercook it!). Seriously, for having our immediate families gone, we rocked the food!

We ended our day by watching Star Wars I. We've been trying to educate me in the ways of Star Wars so that I'll be prepared to watch the 7th one. How have I never watched Star Wars? Even my sister has seen them. #fail #facepalm Anyway, anyway.... moving on! 

Today was so perfect and simple. We missed our families a lot, but we always enjoy being able to stay home together. This little family of mine... well, we love each other... a lot! I'm grateful that we get to walk through life together. I'm grateful for the traditions we are forming. They are my people and I couldn't be happier!

Here's to having & sharing our gratitude!  Safe Black Friday shopping everyone... I've already finished mine, thanks to 50% off Gap online. Gap always has my back (and Old Navy too)!
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