It's Halloween, it's halloween!

We're growing to love Halloween more and more each year over here! Throwing little parties and putting bats all over the house is fun. Sadee wanted to decorate our house into a big tarantula, which was a terrifying idea, but I loved how she understood what Halloween was all about. One morning we even woke up to S watching The Corpse Bride on Netflix. By herself. 

When asking S what she wanted to dress up as, she thought about it for a few days and finally decided on Matilda. At first I attempted to talk her out of it - thinking, of course, that all her friends would probably be princesses and didn't want her to feel left out. After realizing what a unique idea this was and her love for Matilda, we went with it.

Then, the family costumes started reeling through my mind... you know, overthinking the whole event.  In trying to eliminate stress, I decided it was easier to skip the family Halloween costumes and just go as whatever was easiest, or skip it all together. Since there weren't a lot of ideas on the table for Cam's costume, we stopped by the Disney store one night and snagged a Buzz Lightyear costume. It was between that or Mike Wazowski - being Buzz Lightyear fit his little personality perfectly.

Hope everyone had a happy, safe Halloween! And happy (belated) Halloween from our goofy family, to yours!

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