you are my world

Family pictures have a tendency to be mega stressful (and if they aren't for you, please share your secrets!) It's stressful spending time planning outfits, chasing kids around the house and praying they nap before the scheduled session. And yet, with all of that, I still love getting them taken because watching this family of mine grow and change is nothing short of magnificent.

We recently had the flu bug sneak into our house and it made me realize how much these little ones of mine need a mom and dad who are patient, loving and kind. Don't get be wrong, we try really hard to be those things - but, two toddlers will bring out the worst in anyone. It's true when people say that if you serve someone, you will love them. Somehow, while serving my children who needed special care while they were sick, my love grew, my heart was softened and it became easier to be present in their lives.

When I look at our family pictures this year, they represent my definition of happy. These faces are content and strong. We have grown in the last year and have learned to depend on one another. Even when I look at my own face, I find joy in the person I've become and things I've accomplished (even though it might be small). Most of the time it's hard to see our own success, yet recently I've noticed that progress comes in many different forms. It's overwhelmingly comforting to look at yourself and see happiness, beauty and success - even if that success comes simply from recognizing your simple efforts. It's even more comforting to see your face next to the ones you love most and for them to look right back at you and love you unconditionally.

This little family of mine is my whole world! They have taught, loved, molded and encouraged me into the person I am today - a person who loves herself for every fault, failure and imperfection. And to them, gosh I love you guys!  Your laughs, your snuggles, your stories - they create our family.

I love your guts, tiny family! Let's stay happy forever.

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