christmas 2015

Christmas came and went a little too quickly - how is it already over? Between time off work and family dinners and sleeping in, real life seems all too intimidating. I'm pretty sure this Christmas made it to the top of the books for a hundred reasons, but also to the bottom of the books for ONE big reason. More on that in a minute.

We're still a pretty fresh, new family and still think a lot about the traditions we want to start. As little kids I think we all assume our parents know everything and have it all figured out, but now that I'm an adult, wife and mom... I'm still clueless. I'm also still kind of lazy. Sleeping in means so much more to me than a big, fancy breakfast. Sleep is where it's at! It'll be fun to have my kiddos input as they get older too, plus it's always fun to see other family's traditions through social media. At this point in our lives, we still try to split our time between my family and the hubs' family. It works out great and creates simple family traditions for the time being.

Christmas morning came and both of our kids slept in. Say what?! Sadee's biggest concern the night before was if Santa was going to come into her room or not. We assured her that Santa stayed by the Christmas tree, dropped off presents and left. She was satisfied and didn't stir until 8:30 that morning. 8:30am!! Such bliss. I woke up long before the kids... starving, so I sat in bed eating toast and apple cider until everyone else woke up. Santa wrapped the doorway into the living room, so the kids had to run through the paper to get into the living room. It was cute and they were both stunned by the fact that presents were actually under the tree. Sadee got the sparkly dress and high heels she'd been asking for, along with Lego's, some books, puzzles and a bike. Cam got tons of trucks and cars, books about trucks, planes, Lego's... all boy stuff. He lost interest after the 3rd present he opened. Go figure.

We spent our morning with my husband's family for breakfast and the afternoon with my family for dinner. It was basically perfect, except for the ONE big reason... remember that? AJ ended up getting sicker than sick after opening presents and breakfast. He stayed home all of Christmas day. It was terrible. Then, we found out that the stomach bug he had had been passed on to a few others in our family, then a few others and even a few more. It was basically the worst. Not only had this never happened before, but we weren't even sure at what point we shared this stomach bug with everyone else. Everyone is better now, except my guilt. Sorry guys! I promise we love you all!

Since then, Sadee has worn her sparkly dress and high heels, played with Lego's and the rest of her toys. Cam has played trucks, cars and planes for hours. He's even worn said high heels around the house for hours as well. The hubs has worn his new socks and I've made waffles in our new waffle maker. We spent time together around our new/old wood fireplace and made our first Christmas memories in our brick house. It was special and I'll always carry these first memories with me.

Here's to a merry, merry Christmas!

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