florida vacation | part 4 - break day

Our "Break Day" tips:
  1. Sleep in.
  2. Explore hotel/resort amenities & activities.
  3. Eat at restaurants close by to avoid traveling.
  4. Order dessert... always.
One of the best things we did on our vacation was plan a break (or rest) day, every other day. It allowed our kids (and ourselves) to get a little extra rest. It ended up being more of a lucky happenchance rather than a planned idea. See, we went to Magic Kingdom on Monday and were planning to go back on Tuesday. I ended up finding out that Mickey's Christmas Party was on Tuesday night, which meant the parks closed early. We weren't about to travel all the way to Florida to have our time shortened at Disney World. We opted to go Monday and Wednesday - which left Tuesday wide open for anything.

Both us and my in-laws stayed in Marriott condo's. Did you know that most places like this have daily activities planned for kids and adults? True story. We went over to the condo where AJ's parents were staying and spent the day visiting with family, playing on a little beach, watching the kids play on the indoor playground and even did a little swimming. It was a good way to unwind and take a break while also taking advantage of the condo amenities and avoiding boredom.

 ^^ While we were sitting on the beach, we noticed a plane was doing some sky writing. It was sooooo cool! The wrote something like, "Jesus saves..." and "U + God = Love"

We ate breakfast and lunch at the condo restaurants. Then we headed out to Smokey Bones for dinner. This BBQ restaurant was recommended to us for their delicious ribs... which we didn't end up ordering. However, everything we ordered was still really yummy. Whenever I eat at BBQ restaurants, I love to order pulled pork so I can taste the different BBQ sauces. They had one that was more of a mustard/vinegar sauce which was top-notch. My favorite thing we ordered was homemade donuts for dessert... because of course you order dessert on vacation! It came with a chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce... both were divine! #foodproblems

It was a nice relaxing day and I was glad that we had time to hang out for a day. It was also nice to explore the condo to see what they offered for activities.
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