florida vacation | part 7 - cocoa beach

Our last day in Florida we decided to drive out to the beach. Kissimmee is about 1 hour from Daytona and Cocoa Beach. We opted to visit Cocoa Beach since it is a little more quiet. We left later than we intended, but hopped in our awesome, white rental minivan and drove 60 minutes to the beach. I'm pretty sure I slept 90% of the drive, but we did spot a few alligators along the way. I wish we could have seen lots and lots of alligators.

When I typed Cocoa Beach into my iPhone maps, it took us to the residential part of the beach (instead of the pier). All the parking was metered parking, but thankfully there was a church nearby with a big, free parking lots. Note: take quarters to the beach. There were only a handful of people we could see, there were ships in the distance and birds flying around. Cam loved the sand and Sadee loved finding sea shells. We may have accidentally worried Sadee about the ocean by explaining the danger of going out to far. But, it kept her safe! 

As far as beaches go, it was a beach. It was a beautiful place to take pictures, but the wind was chilly. I stayed safely on my towel because I hate sand and am a little nervous of the ocean. All-in-all the 45 minutes on the beach was worth the hour drive both ways. I'd love to go back and visit during the summer and spend the whole time absorbing the heat and playing with my kids... or maybe that's the January temperatures talking.

Cocoa Beach, you'll be seeing us again. 

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