year in review | 2015

Last year this Year in Review thing didn't happen, and that is still disappointing me. With the Florida vacation posts behind us and the intention of posting about some of my new goals & commitments, I figured it was just as easy to put this together.

2015 was definitely not MY year. There was a lot of partially accomplishing things and a lot of doing the bare minimum and a lot of feeling like an utter failure. True story. But, there was a lot of good things that happened, amidst all of that. 

Here are a few highlights from 2015:

January | Cam was still a little baby and had just learned to walk.

February | We took our first ever "friend" trip to St. George.

March | Cam turned ONE! and we purchased our first home.

April | The kiddos spent time in swimming lessons.

May | Sadee turned THREE and became a super swimmer. She's amazing at swimming!

June | We moved into our first home and put in a sandbox, where this little man spent many hours.

July | We attended my family reunion (and discovered this gem of a photo). My great-grandma and grandma wore floral leggings... just like we do today! Also, Sadee is my twin... if you didn't know.

August | Sadee started pre-school.

September | We enjoyed many fun days in the warm weather with friends & family. Plus, took Cam to the zoo for the first time.... actually second time (he was 2 weeks old the first time).

October | Did all types of Halloween activities including painting pumpkins, eating candy and dressing up. We also had a mini Halloween party for these little ones.

November | Hosted our first ever mini Thanksgiving dinner in our new home.

December | Went on family vacation to Florida and had our first Christmas in our home. It was magic!

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