clarity & simplicity

It's official - Facebook is gone from my life! Hallelujah! It's been a long time coming and was terrifying to actually move forward. In realizing how physically hard it was to delete it, it made me realize that a problem had been created. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not against Facebook, but it has been sooooo difficult to shake the feeling that it was time for me to make that step.

A few months ago the thought came to me that I should delete it, but then a flood of doubts followed - how will family stay in touch? how can I keep up with good friends who live in other states? how will I know what's going on in my ward? So, I kept it. The following months were filled with so much self-doubt, comparison and distraction. Again, the thought came that I should delete Facebook. My friend and I discussed this on multiple occasions and always left it at.... well, sometime we will get around to deleting in. Another month followed where I found myself wanting to sit with my phone rather than my children, it was easier (or so I thought). It was clear that this battle between my phone and children was causing problems and so, I struggled finding an answer to this problem.

Queue the oh-so-vulnerable-blog-post... I just needed to let it out - my feelings of social media and how it affects me personally. The response? Not so great. At that moment (just a few days ago) it hit me that certain things, such as Facebook, have not been productive in my goals of overcoming my natural tendency toward negativity. And once again, it came to me that deleting Facebook was/is the answer for me to find balance in my life. The doubts of staying in touch with family, ward activities and friends was still there, but the reality that God was trying to help me was ever so clear. 

How will family stay in touch? After making this decision, I decided to share on Facebook that I'd be deleting my account. A handful of family members expressed their concern for staying in touch, which allowed me to collect their contact info and direct them to this little blog. That was a blessing.

How can I keep up with good friends who live in other states? Easy. Instagram is still very much part of my life and 99% of my friends have Instagram. That is a blessing.

How will I know what's going on in my ward? This was a biggie for me because our ward Facebook page was kind of my favorite! I was super worried that I'd miss out on opportunities to serve or participate in activities. While deleting FB has been a clear prompting in my life, I've also felt that serving others is something I need to be more open and willing to do. Earlier today, I received a text asking if I could take someone dinner tomorrow and it was BAM! clear as day - the work of the Lord is not dependent upon Facebook (or social media, in general). The Lord finds ways for all of us to be loved and serve and to be served daily, regardless of the internet or computers or networking. That was an answer to prayer.

And that was that, I deleted my account with a sense of happiness and security and freedom.

I am 100% grateful that the Lord does not give up on us when we don't listen to spiritual promptings the first time. I am grateful that my unspoken prayers are being answered daily because God loves me individually, regardless of social, marital, economic or political status. I know that this step of simplifying life is direct guidance for my life personally (not for anyone else) and will help me hear the whisperings of the spirit more regularly. 

Thanks for your support! It truly was a tough decision, but I'm here and happy. Plus, if you want to follow along there is now a Subscribe section in the sidebar - just add your email and you're set to go (you can also follow along on Bloglovin', if you use it).

Here's to finding clarity & simplicity in all things!
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