happy valentine's day

And happy President's Day!

We have a little lady over here that decided Valentine's Day was her birthday - being February 14 instead of May 14. She was convinced that this was 100% true. After explaining to her that no, her birthday was not Valentine's Day, the pressure was on to make heart day magical in it's own way.

One night after a church activity, Sadee and I sat down to make her Valentine Day treats for school. My mom had purchased some little kits to make heart cupid arrows. We added a little bag of M&M's with a heart cut-out. It was simple and not perfect - but, she kept smiling and telling me that I was the best mom. Plus, she was excited to give each friend in her class a little treat. WIN WIN!!

The morning of Valentine's Day we had set the table with heart plates, napkins and cups with heart confetti on the table. S said she didn't like it... but that wasn't totally true. We dined on french toast with berries and buttermilk syrup, potatoes and sausage. I'm learning that just a simple addition of colored plates makes the day feel way more special, especially for little ones. And let's face it, little ones make every moment feel special.

Happiest Valentine's Day, my friends!

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