swim lessons

We are super-duper lucky to have the best swim teachers AND claim them as family. We started swim lessons up again a couple weeks ago and the kiddos nailed it. Sadee has been swimming like a champ for a couple of year now. Cam has taken a little longer to warm up to the idea, but he finally figured it out. He was even okay with wearing googles - and oh man... his sweet tiny face and those colorful goggles are a match made in heaven. Same with Sadee. It makes my heart happy to see their squishy faces and smiles.

Their favorite part is the diving board and Fun Thursday - aka the slide. It's a huge blessing in our lives to participate in swim lessons... we all love it! Cam gets to keep going once-a-week since he still has some basic skills to work on and it'll be interesting to see how Sadee handles not being able to swim, even though little brother does.

Also, summer... please come soon! We are aching to be pool-side on a daily basis and put these swim skills to work.

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