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With Easter approaching, I've been shocked by how little I've thought about buying Easter outfits this year. Normally it's one of my favorite things - buying holiday clothes. Sadee is in this weird transition between toddler and girl sized clothing, that shopping online (which is all I do) is tricky! It should also be mentioned that she is starting to have an opinion about her clothing, which makes things a little more tricky too. She's both girly and tough, so she ventures back-and-forth between dresses and pants, high heels and sneakers, hair up and hair down. It's impossible to keep up. Plus, Easter dresses this year have been rather unimpressive. Either I'm aging out of "trendy" clothing or the clothing manufactures just didn't do well this time around. I was specifically disappointed with the selection that Gap and Old Navy had this year... it's basically the only place I shop and/or know how to shop. There, and Target.

Now it's time to actually go purchase something versus scouring the internet for options. What do you think on this little ensemble, huh? Bright & classy. Chances are I'll end up at Gap and buy all the "necessary" Easter attire there, although what is necessary for Easter attire? Hmmmm....

Happiest [approaching] Easter, and happier shopping!

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