happy 2nd birthday, cameron!

All day today, we've been asking Cam how old he is - with three fingers up, he says, "Sree!" Oh little one, not three - just two... and that still seems like you're growing far too quickly. Let's not skip straight to "sree" and find out what age two might hold. 

And so, my Cameron - you are one silly little dude. My hands have been full since the day you entered this world. You're curious about everything. You're a perfect mix of mom & dad - mom's love of sweets and dislike of sharing, dad's looks and love of sports. There's nothing more magical than watching a tiny human, like yourself, discover the world. You love airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles, basketballs and bikes. Garbage day is the best day around this house, and on any given Friday, your tiny little self will be found with your face pressed against the front window. As adventurous as you are, you are also cautious and thoughtful. You are best friends with your sister and watch her carefully before attempting new things. You love dirt, rocks, sand and mud. And you like baths and bubbles equally as much (thankfully). You've added a lot to our family, taught us how to love more fully, how to laugh ALL the time and how to see the tiny details.

Happy, happy, happy birthday Cam-Bam! We love everything you are and who you'll become.
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