weekend getaway, st. george style

We are mega, super lucky to be able to play in St. George often and try to take advantage of any 3-day weekend. A couple of weeks ago we went... and I'm trying to pretend like it made up for our lack of travel over Spring Break, which is only partially working. In lieu of trying to be more adventurous, less controlling, more free thinking, etc. etc. etc. I decided we would go hiking as a family as much as possible. This is like super pushing my limits - I mean... Girls Camp consisted of me wearing lipstick, pink boots and floral leggings. I'm totally the outdoor type #inserteyerollemoji. Alas, my children love to explore dirt and rocks and mountains, so we're trying new things that make me cringe and have mini panic attacks inside (and outside too sometimes).

Thankfully a friend of mine is über great at the whole hiking, outdoorsy stuff and she directed us to some hiking for beginners. Check her out at Crayons and Cairns for all the info on adventuring with kiddos. Seriously, the best info around. Anyway, I digress. So, with help - we were directed to some hiking. 

We went to Snow Canyon and attempted to hike on the Butterfly Trail, which was more or less a short pathway to a mountain of petrified sand dunes that I'm assuming, you just climb around on - which is exactly what we did. All the expectations of a "hike" failed me as we wandered aimlessly around these giant rocks. The kids loved it, Dad-man loved it, I tried really hard to love it (and came out feeling like it was a pretty decent experience). Gosh darn those expectations.

The kids had a blast and that's all that matters, right? Right. It's true that change is hard and uncomfortable and trying new things is exactly the same. But, if it does make us stronger and see the world (and ourselves) differently then it's 100% worth it. 

^^ Could it BE any more obvious how new this whole "dirt" thing is to me? ^^

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