warning, warning! dorky pictures ahead

There's a large portion of life where I forget how to have fun, I'm just sort of the serious type - go, go, go all the time. And then, this one time I married a guy who was (and is) exactly the opposite of that (aka me). He's the fun one, the cool one, the overly sarcastic human that is exactly the yin to my yang and we kind of love each other. Usually you won't find me gushing out my love towards many people, but we've been laughing together soooo much lately and it brings much needed relief on a daily basis. He likes when I'm dorky and laughs at my dumb jokes. Like earlier this evening while waiting in the drive-thru at DQ, we laughed about how serious they were about their fry sauce. I mean, they had these legit charts stating how many fry sauces came with different meals and how much it cost to add fry sauce. Stingy. And when they hand us our ice cream, they give us a pile of napkins and we laugh - no wonder they have to be stingy with their fry sauce because their losing all their money with piles of napkins. 

Laughing truly is the best medicine, but laughing with your people is somehow a trillion times better. And so, we'll keep laughing together (and eating ice cream) forever. 


Also, he just showed up with KFC and got extra food by talking about basketball with the guys at the drive-thru window. Plus, in his most serious voice ever, told me that they forgot the gravy for mashed potatoes because he knows that would literally be my nightmare. We get each other, him and I - fry sauce, napkins, take out two times in one night, mashed potatoes and all.

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