girls camp 2016

It might be possible that I am single-handedly, the worst camper in the entire universe. My memories of camping are few, but almost all horrible. Even as a teenager, Girl's Camp didn't go well... like the one time I went into shock because our camp flooded. It was probably more of a panic attack than actual shock. It's just not my thing. Which I'm 100% okay with, since camping doesn't have to be everyone's "thing". After graduating from high school, I vowed to never return to Girl's Camp again. My dues had been paid and that was that... no returning. 

Welp, never say never (thanks J Biebs). This year marked my third, yes THIRD time back to camp post high-school... as a leader. People joke and wonder how or why I would be willing to go to camp when I could say no. The reality is, there is nothing like spending total one-on-one time with my sweet young women. They are the best! Literally, the best! And I'm pretty sure that I'd do anything for them, even camping for 4 days... without a shower.

Regardless, we had a GREAT time! The theme was "Go the Distance" and we each represented a country throughout the world. We represented Fiji and spoke about the Suva Fiji temple. Our focus was on the ordinances and covenants we make as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We spent different days focusing on Baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost, the Sacrament, the temple Endowment and the temple Sealing. It was wonderful hearing each young women share her experiences and testimony throughout our 4 days. It was fun seeing all the girls become friends in different ways and see who they felt most comfortable around.

In the 10 days (or so) that we've been home, I've missed those girls something fierce. Their strength, their testimony, their light is nothing short of miraculous. And in those days I remembered how to laugh and have fun in a way that hasn't happened in a long, long time. Serving in Young Women's brings my heart soooooo much joy.

Here's to camping!

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