These little writing haitus' are like a breath of fresh air and so good for the soul, yet basically everything is better than coming back and having a million things to catch up on. And I'd get the award for being the "best, worst blogger around"... kinda like Monica and her "best, worst massages" award. Pros and cons.

Anyway, anyway. Here are a few things that have been happening in our little fam:
- We attended our first-ever dance recital for one of our own children. Kind of, sort of a right-of-passage to a parent. Sweet Sadee did a great job, all while standing in the wrong place. Now we are taking a break from dance and on our way to try out soccer for a season. I think I'll make a better soccer mom, than a dance mom. We'll see...

- We celebrated Sadee's birthday in May with a friend birthday party which consisted of painting fairy houses and building fairy gardens. It turned out darling. Our house was scorching hot, but thankfully our dad-man got the swamp cooler working that day. Bless him. Cam really enjoyed being with all the girls and getting his craft on. We also discovered he enjoys wearing mom's t-shirts to play and paint in.

- School finished up a couple weeks ago. We spent time with my siblings, watching their dance festival and having a mini water balloon fight one afternoon. AJ completed his 2nd year teaching and enjoyed about 2 weeks off before BYU tennis camps began.

- Last week, the kids spent the week with dad while I headed off to Girl's Camp. Ahhh... girls camp - the one thing I dread the most, but always cherish the most. FOUR days in the mountains with the coolest crowd around, consisting of 12-18 year-old-girls plus us leader ladies. We made it through with minimal injuries and drama. Success!

- This week is back to pretty much normal. Us parents are both back to work, the kids are back to [mostly] their normal schedule and our evenings are spent out in the sunshine soaking in every second of that pure Vitamin D before the nights starting cooling off (can you tell I'm dreading it already?)!

There ya have it! Our last 6 weeks, smushed into some condensed version of itself. 
Happiest summer, yo!
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